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JK Rowling and the Public Denouncement

hrstareSeven years after the release of the final book, Harry Potter‘s JK Rowling denounced the canon pairing of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger in an interview conducted by the films’ own Hermione, Emma Watson.  (Read Here or just Google it for fan reactions.)

Now, an author looking back over a body of work and wishing she’d done things differently definitely isn’t a problem, or even really newsworthy – there’s always that one scene, line, or decision you wish you’d handled differently, and I’ve written enough of my own fiction to know that a first try (or even a 10th) might still not end up being the story you’re trying to tell.  What’s so strange in this case is that JK is basically stating that she wants to alter a major subplot that existed throughout the majority of the series. Read more…


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