A Bit About Me (Introduction)

I suppose there are a few ways I could start this blog off.  Jump right in, maybe, with some story or poem, ramble or rant.  Maybe that would’ve been the more interesting way to go.  But it feels wrong, somehow, to dive into a new blog without giving some kind of introduction first.  Stories start at the beginning, right?

…Except for those action types that kick off in the middle of a disaster — explosions everywhere, the hero seconds from certain death — then cut to a new scene with an “XX Hours Earlier” subtitle flashing along the bottom.  But I wouldn’t do that to you guys.  I think some of the drama might be lost in the blog format.

So!  Starting from the top it is.


…is me.  This blog’s protagonist.  A 24 year old writer of words, thinker of odd, abstract, and occasionally unintelligible (but I’ll still get points for trying, right?) thoughts… and total newcomer to the world of WordPress.  I’m really not sure what people usually do here.  This account was originally made for the sake of my internship (and let me take a moment to shamelessly plug River Ram Press, a startup boutique publisher looking for manuscripts now!), but now that I have one it seems a waste to leave it empty.

So what can you expect to find on this blog?

I’m… still sort of working that out.  Fiction writing, mostly.  This will probably end up being a bit of a dumping ground for drabbles, shorts, and fragments I enjoy but don’t have a home for elsewhere.  I’ll probably toss in some personal thoughts as well, and discussions on writing, work, or whatever else happens to be on my mind. (Did I really just take up an entire paragraph to say “I have no idea”?  Yeah… sorry about that.  This is the kind of surefooted decisiveness you can expect here at Rachel’s Been Sited.  Follow at your own risk.)

Anyway, that’s about it for now.  If you’ve been intrigued and enthralled by this aimless introduction, you can learn more fun facts about me — including my favorite dessert, why I desperately need a new car, and how I’m terrible at answering questionnaires — by checking out River Ram Press’s Meet Your Intern article.

Otherwise, I’ll probably pop back on soon with something actually literary for you all to look at.


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